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New Glazes
Our newest introductions into the Coyote family of glazes. This set changes whenever we introduce a new set of colors!
Newest Colors Sample Set
Qty: Price: $70.00



Midnight Rain





Dragon's Eye




Archies Series Glazes
Our most popular line of glazes for advanced users. This series needs extra care, as they are runny and shiver on some clay bodies, but they produce colors and crystals like no other glazes available.
Archies Colors Sample Set
Qty: Price: $70.00

Archie's Base

Blue Purple


Frosted Topaz

Gun Metal Green

Ice Blue

Magenta Sky



Parakeet Yellow

Red Gold

Fantasy Series Glazes
The Fantasy Series of glazes are a diverse line-up of mesmerizing colors with the versatility of many our other best selling glazes.
Fantasy Colors Sample Set
Qty: Price: $70.00

Ancient Iron

Azure Dream

Enchanted Sunset

Fairy Rose

Sorcerer's Stone

Unicorn Horn


Antique Pearl

Dragon's Eye

Firefly Garden

Hydra Scale

Phoenix Egg
Enduro-Color Glazes
Tough, durable glazes for dinnerware and more. These twelve beautiful glazes resist stains, knife marks, dishwashers, and acids. They are ideal as liner glazes and can be layered for even more color options.
Enduro-Colors Sample Set
Qty: Price: $70.00


Cool Artichoke

Satin White Liner

Deep Avocado



Gloss White Liner


Sweet Plum


Summer Peach

Blue Cornflower
Best Selling Glazes
The twelve most popular Coyote glazes in 4oz. jars. From our ultra-reliable Black gloss glaze to our supremely beautiful and varied Red Gold, these are the twelve glazes most loved by Coyote users. Used alone or layered, these are simply some of the best glazes available.
Best Sellers Sample Set
Qty: Price: $70.00

Archie's Base


Gun Metal Green

Red Gold


Really Red

Mottled Blue

Pam's Blue

Pam's Green


Desert Sage

Matt Glazes & Crawl Glazes
A great set for sculptors, this kit contains six 4oz. jars of our beautiful Matt glazes, as well as six 4oz. jars of our heavily textured Crawl glazes. These glazes are great for adding color and surface variety to your work without adding gloss.
Matts and Crawls Sample Set
Qty: Price: $70.00

Blue Matt

Creamy Matt

Creamy W/Specks

Green Matt

Iron Matt

Turquoise Matt

Black Crawl

Blue Crawl

Cactus Crawl

Chocolate Crawl

Croc Crawl

White Crawl
Satin Glazes
An amazing variety of bright, colorful glazes with a rich satin finish. These glazes are suitable for food use, but are much less glossy than most practical glazes. Their smooth, buttery touch has to be felt to be believed. Twelve colors in 4oz. jars.
Satins Sample Set
Qty: Price: $70.00

Alabaster Satin

Baby Blue Satin

Cerulean Satin

Charcoal Satin

Cherry Satin

Lapis Satin

Coral Satin

Forest Satin

Hazelnut Satin

Lemon Cream Satin

Orchid Satin

Seafoam Satin
Shino Glazes
Twelve 4oz. jars of our reliable and beautiful Shino glazes. Designed to emulate gas-fired shinos, these natural colors break over texture and layer well with other glazes. Perfect for beginners and masters alike.
Shino Sample Set
Qty: Price: $70.00

Butterscotch Shino

Cedar Shino

Goldenrod Shino

Green Shino

Leopard Shino

Mocha Shino

Pistachio Shino

Plum Shino

Sandstone Shino


Steel Gray Shino

Sunrise Shino
Colored Celadon Glazes
A set of twelve translucent glazes, perfect for underglaze designs and other detailed work. Suitable as a replacement for clear in most situations, these easy-to-use glazes may soon become your favorites. Set contains all twelve colors in 4oz. jars.
Celadon Sample Set
Qty: Price: $70.00


Dusty Rose

Key Lime

Night Sky

Peach Blush

Peacock Green

Rainy Day

Root Beer


Sedona Sunset

Stormy Sea

Sunshine Yellow
Texas Two Step Glazes
A unique series of glazes designed to be combined. When layered correctly, these bold colors create awesome oilspot patterns. Try experimenting with different color combinations and thickness. Set has six Undercoats and six Overcoats for a total of twelve 4oz. jars.
Two-Step Sample Set
Qty: Price: $70.00


Coffee Bean

Brick Red

Blue Moon



Sea Mist

Texas Rose



Blue Moon

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